Drawing the Figure with Tony Ryder 2016


Drawing the Figure

with Tony Ryder

August 15th – 19th

5 days, 10am – 5pm 

Tony Ryder is a draftsman, painter, author and teacher. Coming from Sante Fe, New Mexico, Ryder is a renowned artist in Figure Drawing. Join us for this rare opportunity to study alongside a master instructor, drawing from the live model, a fundamental skill for every artist.

The intensive week long workshop, 6 hours a day, with a step-by-step method,  gives those individuals who have never drawn before, the essentials to get a strong foundation to set about their art studies.  Advanced students will review the importance of this observational skill set to any genre of work.
As stated in his book The Artist’s Guide to Figure Drawing :
“Students often just want to learn ‘how to draw.’ But it is far more important for them to learn about what they are drawing. When the model poses, the student is presented with a vast quantity of information. He processes and interprets this information, formulating it in terms that he can understand. This formulation then becomes the true subject of his drawing. He doesn’t draw what he sees – he draws what he thinks he sees. His thought process stands at the very center of his ability to draw. If you wish to learn to draw you must therefore become aware of what you’re thinking as you draw. The purpose of this book is to upgrade this process of interpretation with a step-by-step drawing method.” ~ Anthony Ryder